Flight Centre to Waive Cancellation Fees Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

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Join in signing a petition in an attempt to get Flight Centre to relax and waive their cancellation fees on pre-existing flights/packages that have been booked and paid for that have now been cancelled by the airlines due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Flight Centre is creating extra stress and turmoil to its very own loyal customers insisting on charging cancellation fees of $300per person on flights cancelled by airlines of whom have not charged fees themselves. In uncertain times we should be offered full refunds without cancellation fees as given the circumstances and the fact that we the consumers have not cancelled our flights rather the government imposed a travel ban resulting in flights being cancelled.

Yes they are offering a credit note but this is not good enough; some consumers are now not willing to travel and therefore a credit note is pointless.

Flight Centre need to review their cur cancellation policy and relax the terms based on current bookings experience forced cancellations. 

No one is going to be a winner in any of this, this is a Worldwide pandemic that we are all experience, but we should not be punished and losing money when we did not cancel our trips. 

Every business and individual is due to lose out financially. In a time of financial uncertainty, many people are not in a position to absorb these fees, so please assist in helping people make the right decision for global public health and to ensure your clients are looked after.