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That all new public buildings & shops to have Braille signs fitted as standard.

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My son Malachi  is totally blind without any light perception and has been since about 15 months old.

As we live in a world of ever fastening technology, there is a lack of Braille signs in many places to aid the visually impaired. A few years ago we had a brand new state of the art Hospital built in our Town but absolutely no Braille in it anywhere.

St Thomas' hospital in London the eye department has no Braille neither does the  hospital have any anywhere either, Very rarely will you see a Braille sign and if you do they are often wrong as we found on a recent trip to a KFC restaurant, with the sign by a table for someone in a wheel chair saying it was the toilet.

This campaign is to make it that every new Shop, Office, Hospital, Public Building by law has to have Braille signs fitted at the entrance to the building , in lifts , in stairwells, toilets , that Pelican crossings have audible sounds as many now don't. Restaurants to have either Braille or audio menus , basically to vastly improve the support blind people get in general . All new buildings now have to have wheelchair access for the disaso why not make it law that the blind are treated the same.


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