End Lawlessness in Wealdstone, Harrow

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Lawlessness has reached intolerable levels in Wealdstone. Gangs of youths regularly loiter in the area. They shout abuse at people, and openly deal and smoke drugs in the area. Gang violence have resulted in stabbings and shootings in the area. Ordinary, law abiding citizens no longer feel safe in Wealdstone. This has to change. The rule of law now needs to be firmly applied in Wealdstone.

To achieve this, the whole of Wealdstone High Street (from the clock tower to Harrow and Wealdstone Station), as well as Headstone Drive, should be declared a “no loitering” zone. This area should be regularly patrolled by police. Anyone found to be loitering in the area should be stopped and searched. Anyone found with weapons or drugs should be arrested, detained, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Anyone else should be dispersed from the area.

We call on Graham Henson, Leader of Harrow Council, and Simon Rose, the Metropolitan Police Commander for the area, to make this happen.