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Victoria Police withdraw all charges against the Community Cup streakers

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At this year's Reclink Community Cup, Victoria Police charge 3 streakers for "offensive and indecent behaviour" and have announced that they are actively hunting down a 4th person.  These charges are despite no one in the crowd  complaining that the behaviour was either offensive or indecent.  The Community Cup is an annual  football match backed by the Melbourne Rock Community to raise funds for Reclink and has has been going since 1993.  The days is one of immense fun and genuine community spirit with no violence, anger or ill feeling.  There have been streakers every year, however, this is the first year that streakers have been charged.  The unilateral actions of officers at the ground to apply their own petty morals in determining "offensive behaviour and public decency" without regard to the community setting is an over reach of police power and could be seen as deliberate harassment of the Melbourne Rock Community.  If the charges were not a result of unilateral actions of the officers on the day and officers had been sent to the ground with instructions to arrest any streakers then this is even more concerning. These charges set a dangerous precedent whereby police position themselves to use subjective morality to harass sections of the community.  What's next, police breaking up gigs because there is swearing in lyrics or songs raise topics that challenge authority or they just don't like them.  These charges should be dropped on the basis that the actions were neither offensive or indecent in the context of the environment in which they were enacted.

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