Abolish the Bathroom Passes at Grafton High School

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Grafton High School has recently started forcing high schoolers within the school to use passes to do anything outside of the classroom during the school day outside of lunch.  These passes are humiliating and undermine the autonomy that high schoolers need yet so rarely receive nowadays.  Forced submission to authority is not what high schoolers need, it inhibits our development as functioning, independent adults within society.  In addition to this, the passes pose a health risk to the student body due to the large numbers of students using them, diseases are very easily transmitted through contact with common surfaces.  This risk is further realized when taking into consideration the increased likelihood of students who are sick using and coming into contact with the passes that the rest of the student body are required to come into contact to.

The "issue" that the passes aim to solve is in reality a nonissue.  There are in reality very few students that are illicitly wandering the halls during classtime.  If these students are choosing to sacrifice their valuable classroom time then that should be reflected through their grades being diminished, not through punishing the rest of the student body.  So long as they're not creating a disruption, who are these students doing harm to by wandering the halls beyond themselves?  If the administration wants to keep track of students leaving the classroom, sign out sheets are a nonoffensive option that doesn't require us to wear tags like livestock. 

Fellow students and teachers, help us solve this issue through petitioning our administration to stop this practice that undermines the very dignity of our amazing student body! 

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