First Birth Certificate Gender Marker Change In NH for VT Resident- Free Tony's Marker!

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First Birth Certificate Gender Marker Change In NH for VT Resident- Free Tony's Marker!

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Tony Strat started this petition to Grafton County Probate Court Grafton County Probate Court and

Hello everyone!

My name is Tony Strat. I'm a Female-to-Male transgender person. First Generation Guatemalan American and 1/8th Mayan. I'm the owner of the USA's only all inclusive skateboard company; ETHK Skateboard Company. Former Director of Finance in Silicon Valley with a B.S. in Business Administration and Accounting. I'm a mentor and transgender activist. I'm Jewish and Buddhist. I'm an artist, fashion photographer, former fashion model, and active community member. I will literally be late to a meeting because I decided to help an elderly woman carry her groceries to her car. That kind of guy. I have senatorial nominations for the US military academies from Senator Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy, and Congressman Peter Welch. Although was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disorder which brought me to Colorado for my studies in Business. 

 I come from a small rural town of Thetford, VT. I have lived in Colorado for 8 years until I decided to legally transition in February 2017. Now I live in Windsor County in Vermont. I was born across the river in Grafton County in New Hampshire. I first changed my name here with a court order. Easy as pie. Then I had to have surgery in order to change my gender marker on all my documents, so I had surgery in May 2017. In July 2017 I attempted to get another court order to change my gender marker. I went to Windsor County probate court house and was told Vermont requires you to go to where you were born. Then I contacted Grafton County court house, they told me I had to go to the county I live in. It was a catch 22!!! There was a clerk, Sharon, she asked the judge of the probate court division in Grafton County if he was willing to accept my petition. Judge Rappa stated he needed to do more research into the issue before accepting jurisdiction to give me a hearing. Judge Rappa did not feel adequate to hear my case and claim jurisdiction after his research. Sharon (the clerk) then gave my request to another judge in the probate court. This judge then began her research... before giving me another "no." Which is very common for transgender people to hear with bureaucratic systems. I decided to do research of my own. The day Trump created the Transgender Military Ban on a tweet, I was on my way to the NH Supreme Court library to do research of my own. 

I found two cases where someone who was in my situation had tried to do what I am trying to do. They were rejected, but it was overturned. Of course this involved two other states with conflicting it wasn't VT/NH. It was enough to help the judge decide to accept my petition and give me a hearing. If she were to reject to give me a hearing, these two cases would give me enough leverage in the NH supreme court to over rule her rejection. 

Now...I've changed my name and gender on my Social Security Card and my Drivers License. The last piece is my gender change on my Birth Certificate. In order to do that...I need community support and my own arguments to convince the judge to change my gender marker on my Birth Certificate via court order. I have a hearing on September 1st, 2017. I will be bringing these signatures with me and comments to the court house to show the judge that despite bureaucracy, this world has enough love to have empathy and understanding for those who are trying to pave the path through oppression. 

I need your help. Share with your friends and family. Educate yourselves on what is gender identity, differences between biological sex/gender orientation/gender identity/and sexuality, and the bureaucratic systems transgender people have to go through in order to survive.


The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS) is the largest survey examining the
experiences of transgender people in the United States, with 27,715 respondents
from all fifty states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico,
and U.S. military bases overseas.


  • 39% of respondents experienced serious psychological distress in the month before completing the survey, compared with only 5% the US population.
  • 40% have attempted suicide in their lifetime, nearly nine times the rate in the US population (4.6%)
  • 7% attempted suicide in the past year - nearly 12 times the rate in the US population (0.6%)

Some of us have PhD's and lose our jobs. This is our time in history. You can help us do right. 

I live on the border of VT/NH. The hospital across the river is where the majority of children in my area are born. If you live in my town and are pregnant... you will more than likely give birth in NH. Not VT. If your children are transgender, they will have to deal with the Catch 22. Unless we make this possible. If it is possible with me, the process will be set. It will be easier for those who come after me. 

Thank you! 

I know I will get haters. I know there will be hate. Try hating a Buddhist...not gonna work out. Much love and light. 


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