Reinstate Ms.Canfield's Enriched Language Arts Class

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Ms.Canfield's enriched language arts class at Hartford Middle School has recently been affected. Currently, Ms.Canfield's teaches 3 classes of students ranging from 60-80 students each year and if her position were to be removed/changed she would only be teaching 1 class of enriched students if at all. The number of students she affects through her position would be drastically reduced. After the Gifted Academics Program (GAP)/ Enriched Language Arts program (ELA) were split into two separate programs, Ms.Canfield kept many aspects of GAP incorporated in her ELA classes. She understands the unique needs of gifted students and has continued to create a comfortable environment where her students can be challenged and grow all while being academically stimulated. She is a teacher who is extremely approachable and interactive which not only makes students feel comfortable in her class but increases their reciprocal engagement with her classwork. Not only is Ms.Canfield committed to academic excellence in her classroom, but she is also committed to fostering a lifelong love of learning which can be seen in her attempts to bridge real life with the classroom by taking her students on fun, academic field trips such as to the Philadelphia Art Museum. The effects of Ms.Canfield's teaching are long lasting and we hope that the Board of Education would kindly consider reinstating her position at the GAP/ELA teacher at Hartford Middle School so she can continue to affect as many students as her current position allows.