Deliver permanent solution to the Rest and Be Thankful by 2024

Deliver permanent solution to the Rest and Be Thankful by 2024

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Graeme Dey

Why this petition matters

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to recognize the crisis at the Rest and Be Thankful as an emergency due to the economic and environmental impacts, and high risk of 100k of debris ready to fall which is a risk to life. Deliver a robust 2-way temporary alternative to the A83 by 2022 - the current mitigation works of planting trees and digging pits does not stop landslides or stop the road from being closed every time it rains. Stop wasting time on lengthy consultation and deliver a permanent solution by 2023.

Previous action taken

The 'Crisis at The Rest' Campaign Group has engaged with local councillors and MSPs to raise valuable support. This lead to a meeting with Transport Scotland and the Minister for Transport, Graeme Dey, who will not alter their current plans to continue closing when it rains, without a suitable temporary solution, and will not rethink the lengthy project to decide on a permanent solution.

Background information

The A83 from Tarbet to the Rest and Be Thankful provides essential road access to and from Argyll. Landslides and subsequent road closures are not a new problem here. Ten years ago the Scottish Government set out option for a permanent solution, yet since then over £80million of taxpayers money has been wasted on temporary mitigation.

The road is used by 1.3 million vehicles annually yet was closed for 200 days last year, creating an unnecessary barrier to our region.

Furthermore, we know that 100,000 tonnes of debris is ready to fall. This is a risk to life and should therefore be treated as an emergency and addressed with the urgency that it deserves, yet Transport Scotland are now proposing a further 10 years to deliver a permanent solution.


2,589 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!