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NCG shouldn't be banning students from attending their graduation based off attendance.

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Nelson College for Girls has chosen to ban a handful of year 13 students from attending their high school graduation due to missing a few classes that have not been justified.

We understand that there are consequences when not attending class but we do not respect the schools decision to not let students attend graduation based on their attendance rather than their academic successes unless their attendance is extremely poor and they have been putting in 0 effort. This petition is not entirely about the rule that you can not attend graduation if you missed more than 9 periods of one class but its about how some students are being treated, there have been rumours that a handful of students have been given 'free passes' for various reasons and some for no reasons explained when those students have low attendance percentages and we usually don't listen or believe rumours but a lot of students who have gotten these 'free passes', they are the ones that are saying these rumours are true and we are not saying that there is favouritism going on but we just want to make sure that every student is being treated equally because it would be extremely unprofessional if there was favouritism going on, once again not saying that there is. If a student is eligible to attend graduation then good for them, they have earned it but if there are students who aren't eligible to attend, then none of them should be able to be given free passes to attend no matter the reason, that is fair right?

Being able to attend graduation shouldn't be an incentive to get students to come to school, it should be about the time that you've spent at school, the feeling of being able to attend an event where you can celebrate your high school life and academic success with the group of people you've grown up with. This is what it should be about. We did not realise that graduation was about celebrating the amount of days you attended school in year 13. 

If you've put in the mahi, you should be able to go to your own graduation. Like the saying "Do the mahi, get the treats!"

We need your help to open up the eyes of the Nelson College for Girls staff into seeing that what they are doing is not fair, students attending their high school graduation should not be based on the attendance percentage but their academic achievements.



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