Stop Abandoning Your Pets

Stop Abandoning Your Pets

April 5, 2021
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Started by Kyrie Floresca

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Pet abandonment is the act of leaving or neglecting the responsibilities of owners when it comes to their pets. Individuals tend to abandon their pets by leaving them on the streets or leaving them in a particular place (ex. an old house of an individual) without realizing that this could potentially risk their lives. Moreover, Pet Abandonment has been one of the major issues all over the world, not just in our country. Millions of pets were toyed around, and even killed by many. And although this issue is a huge problem, the Philippines media had only frequently tackled this topic. Therefore, stop abandoning your pets since this is considered unlawful, it is not a solution, and they are a great companion.


According to the Republic Act 8484, known as the Animal Welfare Act of 1998, as amended by RA 10631:

"SEC. 7. It shall be unlawful for any person who has custody of an animal to abandon the animal."

"If any person being the owner or having charge or control of any animal shall without reasonable cause or excuse abandon it, whether permanently or not, without providing for the care of that animal, such act shall constitute maltreatment under Section 9."

"If the animal is left in circumstances likely to cause the animal any unnecessary suffering, or if this abandonment results in the death of the animal, the person liable shall suffer the maximum penalty."

As stated above, it is considered a crime when an individual abandoned their pets. As a result, an individual could receive a corresponding punishment depending on the resulting injury of an abandoned pet. 


Moreso, some owners abandon their pets because they tend to think that this could be a solution or could lessen their burdens due to their specific reasons, when in fact, it just made the situation worse considering that the pet's life could be potentially put in danger. Numerous Veterinarians have been trying to remind pet owners or potential pet owners that they should be responsible enough before trying to adopt or buy a pet. Even though pet ownership is beneficial and a privilege, it also comes with many responsibilities that a pet owner must know. However, Doyle (2019) stated that there are various common reasons as to why owners abandon their pets, specifically dogs: (1) Dog's Behavioral Problems, (2) Moving, (3) Owners no longer have time for pets, (4) Costly, and (5) many more. 


Also, studies have revealed that pets are great companions. According to Animal Welfare Institute, a survey conducted disclosed that kids tend to turn to their pets whenever they feel sad, angry, happy, or wanting to share a secret. Furthermore, past researchers have linked pet ownership to lower blood pressure, can reduce an individual's stress, less incidence of heart disease, and lower overall health care costs. In other terms, having a pet makes us feel happy and healthy.


To conclude, individuals should stop abandoning their pets since it is unlawful, it is not a solution, and they are great companions. Unfortunately, this issue is rarely brought up by the mass media, even the government seems to not take this issue as a big deal unless the society would talk about it. And animal organizations have been trying so hard to rescue many furry friends even though there are a lot of problems that such organizations have been facing such as lack of funds. 

This petition serves as a reminder and to raise awareness on many in order to stop and prevent people from abandoning their furry friends. Stop thinking about abandoning them when there could be more possible ways other than abandoning them. Lastly, the author would like to suggest that people should try helping abandoned furry friends by donating and adopting them to different animal organizations such as The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). And help out by raising awareness about the situation of these furry friends because they also deserved to feel loved and worthy. 

It's better to adopt rather than buying a pet. Why? Because you'll be able to save a life.

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Signatures: 1,158Next Goal: 1,500
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