GRAD BURSARIES MATTER! GRASAG must work to bring us our bursaries now

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Every year, student bursaries are released by the government to graduate students for research. GRASAG leadership oversees the processing and disbursement of funds after the university has received it.

The University of Ghana has nearly 5,000 graduate students according to the university website. Every Ghanaian student offering a program which requires a thesis is entitled to this bursary once they go through the process. The list of students qualified to receive the bursary was published in January. After more than 6 weeks, there is still no sign of the funds. To add salt to injury, GRASAG leadership is promoting the yearly week celebration under a ridiculous theme undermining the importance of student bursaries. 

As a graduate student myself, I petition ORID and ASA offices to intervene and aid us in receiving our bursaries as soon as possible. I also petition the Dean of Students to cancel the GRASAG week celebration pending the disbursement of bursaries and our dues refunded should the academic year end without results on this issue.

This is not only about money but also about ensuring accountability, transparency, competence and diligence in our student leaders. The next generation of leaders start here.

Thank you. 

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