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Change the Protocol on how they handle  dead dogs and cats without tags

these people have to know that they are not just pets..they are our children..and family!!  tags and collars can get torn off and fall off..and what about animals that are micro-chipped? 

.I just signed the following petition addressed to:Massachusetts State Highway.


These people have to know that they are not just pets...they are our children...and family!!  Tags and collars can get torn off and fall off...and what about animals that are micro-chipped?


Change the Protocol on how they handle dead dogs and cats without tags





.. We left our dog with a great pet sitter to go on vacation... the last memory I have of her at the back screen door looking at us...Al said to me “baby I think we should take her" I looked at her one last time. and said "no she will be fine...” I am regretting that moment..and will for the rest of my life..


Sat afternoon I get a call from Michelle..stating that the dog would not eat or go outside with her.. I told her to have her daughter go out with Gracie loves kids.. it worked...Gracie went out and played..pooped and did what she always does no problem.. no one had any reason to think other wise..


Not sure the exact time.. (We tried to figure it out later with phone records) But Gracie bolted out the door around 630..Her husband went to look for her and he found her covered in mud.9she had gone swimming for sure and rolled in mud as she loves to do) she followed his car up tot he house..and he was not sure if it was her ..she was covered in mud.. he called Michelle over and yelled "is this her/" and she was right at the back steps... the dog bolted again..people who saw this said it was like nothing they had ever seen..that she took off on a find us? I dont know..she was last seen for sure running up Judson st across the st from ours.. from a guy that was cutting his grass.. he said she was running fast... that’s the last positive ID we have. this all happened between 630 and 730...

We got in our car in NJ and drove home home as fast as we could home around 12 30 am..and thought we will just call her and she will come...3:30amstill nothing.. and then panic set in.


we got up the next day did it all over again... and the next we had friends come over and help look for her..nothing.. we had some kids say they saw her running around with another dog.. but still not a positive ID. I took Tues off everything had been closed so I took that day and did everything I could. Everyone on facebook was re posting so much that total strangers were writing me..and telling me in the streets when I was passing out fliers.."Oh I saw this on facebook' and all the local stores let us put a flier up EXCEPT STARBUCKS!!! they said it was not "corporate approved material" and I have since written them and got some lame over seas have broken English response.. I will post the letter later.. but then the nightmare really began..


It was bad enough that Al and I were mentally and physically exhausted from t he search..and heartbroken.. but then Wed night Al got a call from one of my friends on fb and he told him that a friend of his had been driving home and saw a cop dragging a dog off the side of 290 east by Lincoln st exit (mile marker 7) at first she said Monday.. then she went home and saw our fb post and though that the color was the same as our dog but hard to make a ID because at the time she really wasn't paying attention she didn't know about Gracie yet. .but the picture of her was enough to make the call to our friend.. anyway Al called Holden state police and talked to the cop who pulled the dog off.. said that it was a big dog no collar..but that’s all he could details if it was a boy girl..anything... but Al in his heartbroken state didn’t confirm the day.. we asked where the dog was and he told us thatMass Highwaytook care of it..we called there and found the guy who took care of it.. he told me that it is protocol to bury the dog on the side of the road if it did not have tags.. and that was it..nothing was logged no phone call to local animal control..nothing.. he told us where he had buried the dog..but then he called us back and said it had been then we called the cop back and he sat it was sat..and that his log says 7;03 pm that’s the day she went missing and is within the same time frame.. so after many calls we found out that the only report of a dog being hit was sat.. a friend of mine sent the guy who works for mass highway the picture of Gracie off the black and white flyer via cell phone.. she called me on thur while I was at work stating that the guy was pretty sure it was our dog.. and offered to come help us dig the dog up.. but then his boss called us back and said he would not let his worker do this but did tell us the exact location..mile marker 7 east bound side 290..he also said that it was illegal for us to go dig the dog up... (It wasn't wrong to bury someone’s dog in a very shallow grave on the side of a highway though right?) so We went..Jill Al and I.. with shovels in hand..gloves..and tarps in hopes that if it was Gracie I could give her a proper goodbye..I had notified my vets and they told me to bring the dog down if it was her..and could have her cremated. POORAL!!!! he ran there.. and we didn't even have to hardly look..the top of the dogs head was barley buried..and at first Al yelled "it's Gracie" we could see the fur color and it looked like hers.. but as he kept digging.. The dog looked really big and block headed like a full big pit.. we tried to sex the dog..but the body was already decomposed and the fur and skin was coming off.. (Grizzly I know but I am trying to make a point here) The dog was covered in bugs and maggots.. and even though Al and Jill both said that the dog looked just to stocky to be Gracie.. it really was to far gone to be 100% positive.. The legs seemed to muscular for Gracie as she is of slender build...but again.. a dead body will bloat.. so really cant be sure.. ..ALtook the time in his crazed state to re-bury the dog..and cover the animal completely....and we went home.. and contemplated the evidence. the dog was not wearing a collar Gracie was when she left... the dog did seem to big to be here but the fur color from what we could make out was the same.. it seemed to be female..but again so hard to tell.. the dog was hit sat.. thats when Gracie left.. etc etc it was maddening and still is... I wrote to Fox 25 news and no avail as of yet...


So now Al and I have decided because this has taken over our lives..have decided that we will make the new fliers and re-post them..and still post on websites and call shelters.. but at this point someone will either find her..she will come home..or not.. Simple as that.. I am writing this not only because it makes me feel better to do so..but also to inspire "gracies Law" as we dog owners know..collars can come off..tags can fall off.. Just because a dog has none of these does not give Mass highway the right to toss the animal to the side of the road and assume that it must be no one's dog.. They don’t even log the sex breed or markings.. even just that would help.. They don’t report it to the animal control..nothing.. I would have not even known about it unless a friend of a friend has said something to me.. this has got to change.. NO DOG OWNER SHOULD EVER HAVE TO WITNESS THE HORROR THAT WE HAD TO SEE DIGGING UP THAT DOG..!!!!!! I posted on craigs list about it to let anyone know if they were missing a pit bull..that this could of been their dog.. I had to be responsible and do it.. I hope this story reaches out to people to inspire CHANGE! I will forever have this image in my head..Even if Gracie IS found.. and the search continues.. thank you everyone for your love and support though out this.. And hopefully we will have some good news...oh and btw thus night after this entire ordeal... we did get a call from a nice man that said he thought that they found our dog... I sent him a picture. And he said it was ours... went to shelter... it was a pit boxer mix...with a red collar... hence why I am remaking the flier... in color and better pictures...the other fliers I made in haste...just wanted to get something out there. ASAP




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