Regulate the Towing Industry in Anderson, SC

Regulate the Towing Industry in Anderson, SC

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Jennifer Eckert started this petition to Gracie Floyd

My name is Jennifer Eckert and I live in Anderson County, SC.  Recently I have become concerned about the unregulated towing industry in my county.   We all understand that non-consensual towing may sometimes be necessary, but unregulated towing creates and perpetuates cycles of hardship and those hit the hardest are the working poor.

For this reason Laurens County, Greenville City, Spartanburg County, and Charleston already have created and/or changed local ordinances that prevent towing companies from using loopholes in the law to charge exorbitant fees, take advantage of private property management, and unfairly prey on the poorest in our communities. 

The kinds of things we are seeing from these towing companies are as follows:

  • picking up vehicles if the registration is expired by a matter of hours
  • picking up vehicles whose owners inadvertently ran over a nail and their tire went flat overnight
  • picking up vehicles whose window motor or glass may be recently have become broken and the driver hasn't had the opportunity to repair it
  • picking up vehicles that appear to have been "wrecked" but were actually purchased in that condition.

In our community we have seen people who not only lost their transportation, but that loss of a vehicle subsequently caused them much more personal damage.  The loss of a promotion at work, the loss of the job altogether, being late for or missing a job interview, or missing important doctor's appointments.  Sometimes people have even had to choose between their medication/food/rent and having their transportation to get to work.  It often ends in expensive and high interest emergency loans, repossession of household items, or even having no choice but to give up a vehicle to the tow company because funds could not be procured.

I aim to put together a proposal for our district's County Commissioner, the Honorable Gracie S. Floyd, to change the law in Anderson County.  That proposal may include, but is not limited to:

  • Statements from residents of private properties who have been affected by what could be deemed as predatory towing practices. 
  • Statements from property management who may feel as though they have been deceived or mislead by a towing company.
  • Statements from the police chief about how these practices affect their police force, which is funded by local taxes.
  • Statistics about predatory towing and the working poor.
  • This petition with a goal of 10,000 signatures asking for the motion to move to the Anderson County Council for discussion.
  • Examples of other nearby South Carolina City and County ordinances that have already been changed.
  • A personal statement from myself and a proposal for new regulations.

Please join me in telling the County Commissioners that we need to make changes to the county ordinance that will regulate towing companies and prohibit predatory towing practices.

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