Ban Single-Use Plastic Straws in Quinte West

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As part of a school assignment I started doing research on how plastic straws have a negative impact on the environment, I also researched alternative options for straws. As the next part of my project I am collecting names for a petition to ban plastic straws from the Quinte West area. Plastic straws take about 100-500 years to decompose in the oceans. Canada uses 57 million plastic straws per day and in the USA they use 390 million plastic straws per day, enough to circle the earth two and a half times. Plastic straws have become an increasing issue in today’s society, many big corporations such as Starbucks and McDonald’s as well as countries such as Australia, and states like Seattle have banned plastic straws. By banning plastic straws that doesn’t mean you would have to give up straws entirely, I did a trial run at The River Brake Cafe in Trenton with paper straws and it went very well.

By signing this petition you are helping Quinte West get one step closer to being more eco friendly, although plastic straws don’t seem like that big of a deal it does have a very large impact on the environment, please sign to help Trenton and Quinte West become a more green community.

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