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Workers of GPHA are surprised, very sad and in despair over the sudden dismissal of our CEO Mr Paul Asare Ansah.

Since assuming office as Director-general, Mr Ansah has taken various steps to not only improve the livelihoods of the staff but also to bring developments to the various ports. If anyone cares, journalists, bloggers , party members , all sympathisers, come down to the ground, ask from staff and management their feeling on this matter and the IMPACT the DG has had in our lives. For his good work, Mr Ansah has received various accolades in the maritime industry , kindly see from the links attached.

Concerning his sudden dismissal, we the workers feel there has been foul play and possibly the President has been misinformed. And if the president who we know to be just, should look into this issue, we are confident he will find this termination baseless and know that the person in question like himself is a man of integrity.  

There is so much going through our minds that we cannot put in words and we do not want to make this emotional. We just want to appeal  to everyone to join us GPHA workers in solidarity to fight this good cause. Mr Ansah may not be the only man fit for the job BUT as it stands he is executing his responsibilities and duties as should.


#bestmanforthejobbeingtargetted #NoPaulNoPort 


God bless us all!!!