Maximum punishment for people involved in the gruesome act

Maximum punishment for people involved in the gruesome act

3 June 2020
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Started by Nsui

Hi, I am Baibhav Nagesh Tiwari, a student from Mumbai studying in SYBsc computer science.

This is my first petition in the change.Org , I really shocked and ashamed for a inhumane act, happened in mallapuram, kerala, that too with a innocent pregnant elephant.

In April the same case had been happened as cleared and informed by forest department. 

What was her fault, the fault for believing in humans, and what was the fault of the baby growing in her womb??

I never thought a food or a fruit, which usually helps the needy, the hungry peoples

The food, which is the elixir for an empty stomach, it can kill someone.

This is a big spot on us (humans) and a cruel act.

We pray, we worship Lord ganesha, and we kill him in real life, not only elephant i demand a support from this petition so that not a single animal should be harmed in our country.

I demand a strict probe and action against the culprit, and all those who have involved in this should be punished with the same equal punishment without any discrimination of age, gender, and personality.

Plz help me to share this and let us we all contribute for teh soul of the two life's that we have lost

Jai hind �� 




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Signatures: 13Next Goal: 25
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