I would like to Ban TASMAC in Tamilnadu least till LockDown ends

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BAN TASMAC  atleast until Lockdown ends

1. Women and Children will be severely affected if TASMAC is Opened. 

2. Livelihood of most of the women in rural Tamilnadu will be affected. Families too. 

3. We can see women and children taking the extreme step , suicide , in certain cases in neighbouring States. That is not what we want for our women 

4 . Health will be affected especially, Gastrointestinal issues. We cannot afford to take such risks at this Pandemic times. 

5. Frontline staffs will be overloaded with extra work

6. Women will be beaten to death if they don’t give money to drink. It will be a big burden on women’s shoulders to bear the family’s expenses at this stage of no income . 

7. Women will be sexually assaulted . As per reports, assault is already high in Pandemic lockdown times. There is no safety for women and children. Adding fuel to the fire will be Alcohol consumption. 

8. Police personnel will be doing unwanted work and working  unnnecessary overtime . 

9. Last but not the least, opening liquor stores will be unsafe and unHygienic considering the prevailing times with corona and it will be almost impossible to maintain social distance and cleanliness standards. please BanTasmac