Pride of performance medal for Muhammad Shaheer Niazi

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Muhammad Shaheer Niazi is a 17-year-old student and scientist. At 16 he found a way to photograph the movement of ions that form the honeycomb shape made when electrically charged particles try to pass through a pool of oil. The resulting shape is also known to scientists as Rose window instability. His research was sparked by his participation in the International Young Physicist Tournament in Russia in 2016, as one of Pakistan's first participants. Niazi went on to have his research published in the Royal Open Science Journal and has ambitions of winning Pakistan its first Nobel Prize in Physics . Muhammad Shaheer Niazi has made a breakthrough in the field of physics at a very young age by publishing his paper in royal society of science. He made Pakistan very proud all over the world. He was Forbes 30 Under 30 in Asia 2018. Its time govt of Pakistan recognize and  encourage him by awarding pride of performance.