Revoke SRO 202, The Anti Youth Policy in JAMMU AND KASHMIR

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The Govt of Jammu and Kashmir brought an anti Youth Policy in the state named SRO 202 which has put the youth into mental trauma. The youth after studying so hard gets into govt jobs but are left with no option but to drink the poison of such a draconian policy.

Every youth recruited under this policy is not at mental peace as they are devoid of their right to have a dignified life, a dignified job and a dignified reputation.This is affecting their performance and their career harshly.

Despite the popular demand of its revocation, Govt is adamant to still continue it.

Highlights are:

1. That we are the employees appointed under new recruitment policy i.e.
SRO-202 Dated 29-06-2015 selected through J&K Recruiting Agencies i.e. J&K
SSB and JKPSC, under hollow fast track recruitment mode.
2. That as per SRO-202, it is mandatory required for recruiting agencies to
make selection of eligible candidates within time bond of three months and
afterward issuance of formal appointment letter within fifteen days positively.
However, our recruitment process for vacant posts under fast track mode
completed at an average of 3 years, so five years probation means stagnation
of almost 8 years in our service career.
3. That the said SRO is against the labor laws which guarantees equal pay
for equal work and also against the Supreme Court Judgment. We are
working in New Delhi, Kargil and other far flung areas and are not availing due
allowances like DA, HRA, CA, annual increments and other admissible

4. That Despite departmental examination, SRO 202 employees are
deprived of promotion due to five years probation which is sheer injustice and
5. That we the employees of Jammu and Kashmir State working under J&K
Special Recruitment Rules (SRO 202) request Hon’ble Governor to kindly relax
clauses 8, 9 & 10 at an earliest for the betterment of our future, smooth
functioning of Govt. work and safe future of educated youth of J&K state.
In view of above stated facts and circumstances it is requested to amend
the SRO 202 of 2015 dated 29.06.2015 as it provides probation period of 05
years which is against Rule 20 of J&K, CSR in which, it is clearly mentioned
that the period of probation is 02 years by giving relaxation in clause 8 to 10
in SRO 202. It is request to either completely Revoke the SRO 202 of 2015 or
to reduce the Probation period to 02 Years. And in both the cases
periodical Increments may notionally be granted to us from the dated
they were due to us, as we have lost many years waiting for JKSSB JKPSC to
issue the Selection list, which otherwise should have been issued within a
period of three months from the date of reference of the vacancies. That will be
your most kindness.

We request the President of India and Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to revoke the anti Youth Policy