I am a human being, a woman, a citizen of this country, which is plagued by regular ACID ATTACKS on women. This is not a problem endemic to India, it is a global problem. Today it is a problem predominantly for women, but even men have suffered attacks.

Sale of acid cannot be banned, but IT MUST BE CONTROLLED AND MONITORED.

--> There should be only one shop in every market, authorized to sell ACID, like we have authorized liquor shops, drug shops, gun shops etc.

--> It can be a hardware store or a medical store which is easily identifiable.

--> The shopkeeper must keep a tab on who is buying ACID and for what purpose.

--> Each shopkeeper must get a number & bar coded sticker, which he must put on the acid bottle as soon as he sells it.

--> If anyone needs ACID, then they should produce a valid ID with an address and phone number for validation, which the shopkeeper will keep.

--> Any buyer who is not within the periphery of a set locality will not be allowed to buy ACID. For eg. Someone with a home address of Central Delhi cannot go and buy ACID from an East Delhi shop.

--> For people who send their servants and workers to procure ACID, should give a written permission along with the validation for the shopkeeper to keep.

--> The shopkeeper at all time should maintain a register or a diary where he notes down the date, time and product sold, like any drug or gun seller.

--> Any failing of duties by the shopkeeper should be liable to punishment. This will let the seller be aware and be responsible for the products he is selling.

--> Normal use of ACID for domestic purpose can always be replaced with other hard cleansing products. For this the public must be conscious and responsible enough.

This will help the police, control the easy access of ACID, which is now being used liberally on women to deface or kill them. It will also help them track down the shops where it is sold and the buyer or user's address, phone number etc.

Imagine if serious poisons like arsenic or cyanide was easily available to people, then there would be a spate of killing by poison. Why would anyone buy a gun, they'll use arsenic.

Unless ACID is treated as sensitive an object as a dreaded poisonous substance or drug, it will not help the people of this country safeguard their women and children from the sheer number of crimes rising from these heinous attacks.

P.S. I am attaching only one image of an acid attack victim, Sonali Mukherjee who got relief and help for her multiple operations. But there are thousands of other victims, nameless and rendered faceless by some pervert. These victims receive no or very little help from anyone. Some like the recent victim Preeti Rathi don't even survive the attack.

Some questions plague us all the time.

~~ What would a common man with limited means do to save his daughter? 

~~ Will the physical reconstruction, erase the emotional trauma?

~~ Will the punishment of the criminal, bring back the dead girl?

Apart from punishments what we need is prevention and regulation. I am thus proposing these steps to control the sale of ACID.

If you agree with me then please sign the petition.

Please pass this on and let's create a peer group of public, for these regulations to be placed and implemented, by the Govt., the police and the public.

For now I am addressing this to the Govt. of India and the CM of Delhi, but actually it is a social peril that we all, every citizen, need to fight together.

Thank you

To me, Every child, Every girl, Every woman is beautiful, scarred or not scarred, AND every women has the right to live a dignified life without being defaced.

Letter to
Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development Govt. of India -Ministry of Women and Child Development
Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs. Sheila Dixit
Please regulate the sale and easy procurement of ACID

As a citizen of India I am in that vulnerable group who can be attacked with ACID anytime anywhere.

I appreciate that the Govt. of India is taking a lot of steps for public awareness, prompt action and punishing the perpetrators of crimes against women. Yet the recent case of Acid attack on Preeti Rathi, of Delhi, who lost her life, in an ACID attack in Bandra station of Mumbai, brings back one fearful reminder --- IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE ANYWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY.

“How can we curb the crime from happening, before it kills the women?”

I am not a victim YET. But that doesn't make me any safer. As a lay person, who doesn't have the security of personal vehicle and has to travel by public transport, I can feel the fear of millions of women like me. There is no guarantee who will take out the easiest way out to kill a woman, just to avenge or in a fit of rage. There seems to be people ready to take out their anger or resentment, or grievances on women, with the easiest available weapon, ACID.

It doesn't matter anymore whether a woman has a personal enmity with anyone. Just about any guy from the road can walk up and kill a woman. It is one thing to catch the criminal after the crime has been done, but I think what we need now is a preventive or regulatory step to stop this weapon of destruction reaching people freely.

As we are looking forward to the implementation of the Justice Verma recommendations, can we not also look forward to some more regulatory steps, where a crime, a menace can be prevented before it turns into an ugly crime.

I am hoping that the Govt. of India will look into the steps and measure I feel which can help regulate the sale of ACID. I am too small as a single person, but as a citizen I too have a right to a safe life.