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Make it compulsory to train girls in Martial art from class 4th till 12th.

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We are living in a society which is becoming extremely dangerous for women. Right from the age of 2 years to 85 years, women are subjected to molestation, rape and outrage of modesty in various forms at workplace, schools, colleges, buses, trains, on street and even in families. According to NCRB statistics, more than 2 girls are raped every hour in some part of India. In 2011, there were 21603 rapes and in 2012 there were 23582 and the numbers are increasing as I am writing this to you. It has become a daily routine to drag, kidnap, thrash a women to an isolated place, gag them and unleash the worst form of inhuman atrocity on her and make her live with outraged dignity for rest of her life like a living dead. What is her fault ? Just that nature has made them a women so a group of men can drag her in a bus and shove an iron rod in her or scare them on point of broken bottle and rape one by one ?

I hereby appeal to the Govt. of India to make learning martial compulsory for females in all the schools of India starting from class 4th upto 12th. Having said that, I am quiet aware that it might not give them massy muscles and steel bone like men but what it will give to our girls is self - confidence, sense of security and will - power to fight back instead of surrendering meekly when shown a knife or a gun. It might also not give them training to use a gun or carry a knife but It will certainly give them voice to scream, teeth to bite and limbs to pack a punch on the face of her tormentor and bounce back when he is trying to force himself on her soft body. I have been a black belt 4th Dan Taekwondo player and have represented India twice before I entered into acting. Like other girls, I was also a middle class girl from Patna, but on several occasions I have thrashed guys and made them bleed from their nose on the streets of Patna. So, Its my earnest request that this is the only measure which will help our girls gain some kind of self reliance and push their morale to save themselves in this country where perversion has become a culture.


- Neetu Chandra


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