Ban Diesel Tempos and buses for health of child

Ban Diesel Tempos and buses for health of child

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Navneet Sahay started this petition to Govt of India



PMO Govt of India  South Block New Delhi 

Cm Bihar 

Cm Jharkhand 

Transport Secretary Bihar/Jharkhand 

Industries Minister GOI Delhi 

Sub :: Due to its very bad effect on air quality High Sound Reckless speed in urban areas and huge size causing Jam STOP Manufacture of diesel Tempos across India and Direct state Government not to allow diesel tempo on roads WEF 1 SEP 2019


It's a sad story that all state capitals have completely banned plying of Diesel tempo in capital areas and big cities for reasons noted hereunder 

1) It causes maximum noise pollution with tank like sound 

2)it is huge in size and it covers big chunk of riding surface in busy traffic of city 

3) it runs at breakneck speed।which is dangerous for child passengers and pedestrians and old people who walk on streets and pregnant woman riding on it 

4) It emits black carbon smoke which is very bad for lungs and kidneys 

5) The very look of these diesel Tempos is ugly and unsmart compared to elegant look of yellow coloured 4 stroke cab 

So for all these reasons it was banned by Mayawati govt way back in २००० s in almost all cities Cities like Chandigarh Amritsar Srinagar Calcutta Bombay Chennai Hyderabad Bhubaneshwar Jaipur Bhopal all have Banned it completely and in these cities Either they allow four stroke rear engine silent mode  Petrol version 



OR E Rickshaw 


But what is the weakness of Central Govt that even after signing Paris Climate change accord it is not BOLD enough to BAN.manufacture and sale of diesel Tempos  Nor GOI has been serious enough to direct Bihar Jharkhand that they have to ban plying of Diesel tempo forthwith and substitute it with safer Silent less polluting 4 stroke petrol or CNG model tempos that run in Chennai Chandigarh etc .And ask these states why  they don't have courage to ban completely this obnoxious Diesel Tempo ?

You can do this by directing ministry to issue directives to Bajaj and Vikram etc Piaggio etc that henceforth no production of diesel Tempos will 

be allowed in larger public interest .States should also direct agencies to go only for importing  silent mode stroke petrol rear engine Tempos


Issue directives to Bihar Jharkhand govt that. In Patna Ranchi and all Fiv level Towns :-

B) all existing diesel Tempos has to be surrendered to DTO within 2months ( with possible extension of deadline for further period of 1+ 1=two months That is by October all diesel this must be surrendered 

Now as they surrender IMMEDIATELY govt should issue them petrol fours stroke ( image given in attachment) yellow cab @1%interest loan ।

This exercise should start from August end 

This is necessary as IMD experts say Patna Ranchi Hazaribagh not getting proper rain due to a) loss of green cover b)Rapid urbanisation c)Dust emitted by diesel vehicles specially diesel Tempos and d)Reckless construction work 

So in public interest this could be done immediately

Pat Action Group 

Ban Diesel Tempo the no:1 enemy of public health 

In public health interest BAN SL Diesel tempo by 31 St Aug 

We call Patna and Ranchi smart city but allow Polluting Diesel Tempos ? 

Society for cleaner India 


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