Justice for Retired Bankers

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Retired Bankers Pension is not updated since Inception of the Scheme of Pension in 1995

2 Family Pension is very meager It is only 15% of last drawn salary.whereas in Central Govt & State Govt the same is 30%,so I demand for enhancement of Family Pension of Retired Bankers to 30% as par with Govt Employees

3 Enhancement of Gratuity was done from 10,00,000/ to Rs 20,00,000/ with effect from 01-01-2016 for Central & State Govt Employees but the same was given effect for Bankers from 28-03-2018.,thus Bankers retired from 01-1-2016 to 27-03-2018 have been deprived from enhanced amount of Gratuity.Please remove this disparity

4  Health Insurance premium of Retired Bankers are taken from Pension amount where as premium of working employees are born by Indivisual banks, then why not the Premium of Retired Bankers are not paid by Banks, like working employees