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A strict action to be taken against the so called drunk ARMY OFFICER who urinated on me

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I am writing you today in regards to an incident happened with me during my journey. I was traveling from Pune to Gwalior by Goa express in A-2 Seat no. 43. Will share the details once see that @IRCTC take how seriously the customer feedback and complains.
Well here the instance I have gone through, the passenger above me at seat 44 who is Serving @Indian Army. Since he boarded the train from was bit drunk, Witnessed by Co-passenger's. Today before we reached Jhashi this gentleman got up and Urinated on me and my luggage in consumption of too much alcohol.
He was completely out of senses and unable to understand anything while I got up by his disgusting and inhuman action. Tried stopping him and tell him what he did later he took leave went inside the bathroom and locked himself later I have informed this Incident to the staff member of train who tried to make him understand what he has done but the simple excuse from an @Indian Army official is it happens and let it go,someone using my baggage and me as a urinal in @Indian Railways I will never let it go @Irctc
I went to inform same to train Conductor he informed the Jhashi railway Police. There's a lot to complain about but i cut it short trust me I'm very angry and annoyed by the incident took place, I didn't paid you Rs 2200/- to become @Irctc toilet.
After the police and train conductors numerous request to provide any identity proof or something he was unable to provide. This Indian Army official asked to get down from the train at Jhashi. So far so good I have also given a written complain to TC who got changed at same stop he took action accordingly.
Here comes the questions for @irctc of taking responsibility.
Who's responsible for the inconvenience caused to me?
The problem I Faced the disguise and annoying and completely insecure environment. How can you assure me to use your services after I have gone through such humiliation?
What are you doing about it ?
How will you make it right?
@irctc @Indian Army I have this question we are common people of this country pay the Taxes as govt. Request by those both these department get facilitates.
That's what we deserve???
I am not representing the whole country, I know if nothing you do about this matter this disgusting thing what I have gone through today. I can not do anything about it.
Why because no one care not you not your department not the govt not even if someone would have cut my throat or something why because common man like me don't have any value or importance in this country.
Not to be mistaken I still care of my country and people more than the Hipocratic government & department's like yours.
This ticket money I have spent is real hard earned money not a joke, people may laugh and make jokes about this incident took place. However, the jokes on you @Irctc & @Indian Army.
I'm simple man have a lot to worry about and things in my life not complaining too much, just put yourself in my shoes. If one of the civilian have done the same with any Army personal, they would have not only beaten him would have also got some strict punishment. But who listens to us nobody understands we are the people who are not only responsible for the paychecks money you get which provides you food shelter and cloths to you is that how you should treat your own people.
Kisi gore ko sneeze hua toh government issue gulamo ki tarah tissue hi dega but agar aam aadmi marega toh bhi Inko fark nai padta... freaking disgusting.

Yes it's my frustration talking but it's completely true, let's See what @irctc can do about it, i request the proper follow up on same by today itself I hope as a customer I have this right if not please tell me to go to hell which already exists in this Jungle Raaj.
I expect some response on the matter the details for the fellow passenger who did this disgusting thing are down below;
Working Indian Army, JCO Satish Chandra Yadav, Ahemadnagar to Agra.

My details:
Nitesh Singh
Train No. 17305
Pune to Gwalior
Class: 2AC
Seat: A-2,43

It's a very humble request to you kindly take a necessary action I don't have issues writing till I feel the inconvenience caused by @Irctc and one of the pride of out nation the true solider of our country protecting us by urinating on us. Let's take it on a very serious note I wo t stop till I get proper answers.
Well thanks a lot for ruining my journey and night and my peace in a year to visit my family in long one year leaves.

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