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Scopely to Sell Their Rights to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival AND WWE Champions

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Scopely has shown a consistent disregard for the player base and community that has invested millions into The Walking Dead: Road to Survival and WWE Champions mobile game. They have done this by making statements that they never follow through on or comment on after countless request for information. At a later date there will be something published to show ever more details into their unfair, nasty business tactics. They have failed  to compensate and appreciate a player base on both games after numerous technical bugs that have plagued game play and cost some players thousands of dollars at times.

Wendygate, Viktorgate, VK hacks, and Armorygate just to name a few on TWD:RTS. (Hope to get more info from the WWE players soon). They ran a system of “Premier Recruits” wheel that was based on chance and after extensive testing through the millions who play the game it was determined, with a considerable amount of certainty, that the chance to pull the desired recruit on TWD:RTS was less than 1% per $100, which also gets into the loot box dicussion. The rewards and prizes they offer for both individual and team tournaments is sub par to the playing atmosphere they have created. Scopely has created a system where the only way to truly advance is to pay for it. As a result we want Scopely, as a developer of this app, to give up/sell their rights and allow another developer to take control, who will be as passionate about their game as the player base is or they need to be monitored and make drastic changes, extremely drastic changes..that will take extensive monitoring.

They are giving Robert Kirkman, Skybound, and the Walking Dead in general a bad name, and amongest the loyal fans to the mobile game, tv show, and comic books its turning people against the walking dead name in general and that should not happen. As I found out today 12/9/17 they are treating the WWE Champions players the SAME exact way, making people turn on the WWE company over the way they are being treated by a product which has their name on it. I watched wrestling when I was younger religiously (Stone Cold, Mankind, The Rock, DX, etc etc) but still keep up with it on youtube since I work Monday and Tuesday nights. The McMahon family has a great name across the WORLD. Yet Scopely is giving them a bad name over this mobile game.

Lately there have been many community members attempt to help or offer help or have justified criticism and its unfair and unjust. Action needs to be taken quickly before they ruin and run off the entire Walking Dead and WWE base that plays this mobile game.

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