Quash the Trainwash!

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Help us stop Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) build a huge industrial trainwash behind Great Eastern Street, Cambridge, in the middle of the Mill Road Conservation Area.

GTR wants to start work in April and have it operational by the end of 2020. 

Little meaningful consideration has been taken for the health and amenity of residents on the street or the wider community.

We are concerned about:

Visual pollution: GTR has been unclear about final visual impact. We believe that it will be a huge grey industrial metal shed 33m long, 9m tall, and 7m wide, sited 25m from residents' walls, with an associated pump room. The site may be lit all evening. It will be highly visible from the Mill Road Bridge, the Ironworks, Great Eastern Street, and anywhere with a view of that area. It will be an eyesore that is out of character from its surroundings.

Noise and vibration pollution: GTR claim that noise will be minimised but have not released their modelling. Washing trains involves spraying liquids, mechanical brushing, and pump sounds, and of course trains moving, shunting, and braking. The facility will be in use 24/7, primarily in the late evening early morning (possibly between 11pm and 6am). Washing 4 trains per hour, this could add up to 50 trains a day passing through the facility, representing a substantial disruption to daily life of residents. 

Chemical pollution: GTR has been unclear about the chemicals to be used and the processes used to safeguard air, water, and soil. The facility will be using industrial cleaning materials to remove brake dust and other materials from trains. 

It must be stopped.

Please sign the petition so that we can take community disapproval to a meeting with GTR on February 24.

Find out more at quashthetrainwash.org