Amend Indian Constitution: Disallow Post Poll Alliances

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Although in today's reality with numerous parties contesting elections, a post poll alliance is unavoidable. I wish the constitution should be amended disallowing any post poll alliances to form Govt and re-conduct election’s.

All the Post Poll alliances do not care about people's mandate, they form a alliance for their personal benefits. Even though they ideologically do not represent or stand on same platform, parties tend to form alliance only to sit in power and enjoy personal benefits. The Voters mandate is made fun of in such cases.

I know it costs a hell lot of money, time, man force etc, but fractured mandate is because Voters didn’t want any select party to win.

Alternatives to re-conducting elections:

1. NOTA: A very good option but very rarely used or known to many Voters. NOTA is many cases is a reason for fractured numbers. I understand we cannot neglect the Voters who voted to NOTA, but may be when fractured mandate is produced, the NOTA numbers can be added to single largest parties representative in that particular constituency and check if the numbers change in total. (Chances that Single largest party might have lost in few constituencies by small margin and NOTA numbers can suffice such situation)

2. Only two parties should contest the elections: All parties should internally decide and form a Pre-Poll alliance. I admit this is not a good idea for democracy though.

3. Two Phase Elections: Elections should be conducted in two phases. Phase one to select two leading persons, Phase two to select one of them.

4. Choose Head of State / Country: Voters should be given chance to Vote for their preferred CM / PM. Most preferred Person and his/her party should be given chance to form Government even if the magic figure is not reached with a tolerance of 1-5% of total seat share.

5. Second choice: Voters should have a chance to Vote their second preference, when majority is not met, second preference numbers should be counted to declare the winner for that constituency.

6. Disallow Switching Parties: In many cases the representatives win from one party and switch parties. Such numbers should not be counted or when the representative switches parties, re-election has to be conducted in coming few months to decide the Voters Mandate. Representatives switch parties to be part of Government for their own benefits.

7. President's Rule: Declare President rule and conduct re-election when no party can form the Government.

8. Proportional Results: Parties should get seats based on the percentage of Votes they received. 

9. Minimum Vote percentage: Parties / Candidates should get minimum of say 33% Votes, if no person gets 33% votes, re-elections have to be conducted.

I welcome any other ideas but importantly wish the post-poll alliances be disallowed.