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Replace the 2nd Amendment with the 28th to eliminate Automatic Weapons

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Your support is needed to outlaw automatic weapons by repealing the 2nd Amendment and simultaneously replacing it with the following 28th Amendment  (that begins with the 2nd Amendment, verbatim). We must begin to stop the violence. 

AMENDMENT XXVIII: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed, with the exception of all automatic or semi-automatic assault handguns or rifles (including magazines and accessories used to convert guns or rifles with large capacity magazines). Ownership or possession of these items shall be banned for all civilians in the United States of America (excepting police and military), with mandatory repurchase and destruction under the direct and aggressive supervision by a Federal agency, as designated and funded by Congress, in perpetuity.”

This won’t ‘solve’ the problem of our gun culture in the US (over double the gun ownership per capita of any other country) -- with 6x the per capita number of gun deaths than Canada, 16x Germany. In states with more gun controls, fewer police officers are killed. Excluding suicides, over 15,000 people died from gun violence in 2017 in the US. There is a mass shooting (4 or more deaths) on average every day in the US.

Let us as a people with resolve, who love our children and families, take an initial step towards bringing back rationality – at least about automatic weapons which are clearly intended for one purpose, killing as many people as possible. 

The proposed XXVIII Amendment will never pass in our current lobbyist-beholden and money-polluted Congress. What’s needed is an unprecedented outpouring of citizen activism in every state to petition Congress for a Constitutional Convention. 34 State Legislatures must pass legislation to successfully request a Constitutional Convention.

Millions of dollars of anti-gun control lobbying and television, newspaper, social media ads will be spent by the profit-driven gun industry. With a rising up of our actually doing something to stop this crazy gun violence, this obvious step CAN be accomplished.  

The suggestion that arming all our schools with officers at all times patrolling the hallways is nonsense. It can never work and will traumatize millions of children. 

Rise up America! Start in your community and join the effort nationally. Sign the petition to end ownership of automatic weapons. Share it with friends and family and on social media. March. Start organizations, local initiatives. Support the efforts of those already doing something on this issue. If we “wait” for a solution that solves all our gun culture problems, nothing will ever happen (including the illusion that the 2nd Amendment can, by itself, be repealed).


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