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***I apologize about the length but you need the full story** My son Cody made a split decision stupid mistake right around his 18th birthday. Him and his friends charged into a house and Cody threw a microwave on the ground. Everyone who was there plead "Not Guilty" including Cody, after a year behind bars without a trial he said "Mom I wanna plead out to get this over with and come home." He got 5 years in the Montana State Prison. A month later everyone else got 6 months probation. I called every person/entity I could think of that this was unfair and he needed a new trial. No one would listen, take, or return my calls. 7 months into his sentence he was threatened and fought back first putting 1 inch cuts on both of his threatener's faces. The media RAN with that coverage all over! While he was waiting for sentencing he was showering and a surprise attack with a shank stabbed him deeply 4 times....each scar minimum 4 inches long. He took off after the guy and, I'll be honest, got in a few swings when he caught up to the attacker, naked and bloody. Was THAT in any papers? Not that Cody was stabbed but that his attacker was attacked by him. Cody was punished for that. He also got 15 years 10 suspended. So Montana State chose to do an "interstate transfer" and he was sent to Draper, Utah then to Gunnison, Utah prisons. That was 4 years ago. He's been in prison 7 years this past January. He finished the first 5 years (where everyone got 6 months probation) and he is 2 years and some change on the second sentencing. For the past 3 years he has "parole" hearings in June. I told him to take every class they offered. He did, several times of many of them. I put him through a 2 year college course and he graduated it with a 98% in 8 months. He has worked so hard, taking and graduating ALL of them. Its hard for Cody as both prisons have "decided" he's not Bipolar Drs comes in and sees the obvioius bipolar signs and put him back on his medicine. Then some "mystery" person takes him off his meds cold turkey. They have done this to him over 8 times. For the past 3 years in preparation for his June parole hearings, we gather all of his classes, noted his behaviors during that past year, and where he will go when released, etc. 1st year he hadn't served enough of his second sentence. Ok, I get that. The past 2 years the Montana Parole Board didn't let Cody talk at his hearings...didn't look at his paperwork etc. I was furious usual...Montana said it was Utah's responsibility to prep him for his hearings and, of course, Utah said it was Montana's. So I've gotten into Parole Hearing mode this month and I make a call to Montana Prison as I want to know what more he has to do. They said he needs Chemical Dependany classes (#1 hes not, nor has ever, needed treatment 2) I asked him to take the classes just to appease them) They also need him in Anger Management...for a 6th time...REALLY?). They referred me to Utah's Case Worker for Cody who, of course.....told me I needed contact the Montana Parole Board who tells me to contact the Montana Prison, they tell me its Utahs responsibility, and. ROUND AND ROUND WE GO. I called Wednesday to make an appointment with Ed Foley the IPPO Parole Officer at the Montana States Parole Board and his staff told me he wouldn't see, or talk on the phone to me, while complaining that all the "DOC workers ALWAYS refer questions to him and its ridiculous as they don't do everything!". Know what they've done lady is made this Mama Bear FURIOUS!! I have tried to involve the ACLU, they are keeping a file but that's all. I contacted the NAACP years ago for help and was told by a minister he couldn't do anything being ALL the way across the US. My mother and I have tried so hard to advocate for my son EVERY year for the past 7 years. This year they aren't going to let Cody talk again as its an Annual Review..not a Parole Hearing. WHY NOT? Why aren't they giving him a chance? My son is NOT a useless human that his home state threw away and are planning to ignore him till his full 10 is done no matter HOW HARD he works! Montana still plays with the good 'ole boys club where if your not white, or related to someone in the State Senate or Congress, you get ignored. This is children and adults alike. I WON'T BE IGNORED ANYMORE! NOR WILL MY SON! This is a horrible system! Give ALL inmates an honest Parole Hearing so they can stand up for themselves. I WANT AN APPOINTMENT WITH ED FOLEY TO FIND OUT WHY CODY IS BEING IGNORED, SHUFFLED, AND WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT HIM TO DO?? Please sign & pass this PETITION to everyone you know! Government is complaining we are over crowded in our prisons and some people who commit violent acts of murder spent less time in jail than my Cody already has. WHAT?!?!?! Thank you for your time! Kellee Flesch Cody Flesch Mother

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