Stop the 1500th Execution - End Executions Now!

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It is time to end executions in the United States. #StopThe1500th!

The death penalty

  • is a failed public policy on legal, moral, economic and social grounds
  • fails murder victim family members
  • risks executing the innocent
  • is arbitrary and more costly than life in prison
  • does not deter murder
  • denies a prisoner's value as a human being who is worth more than the worst thing he or she ever did, and inhibits an ability to seek and find redemption.

Race, politics and the geography of county borders and budgets determine which individuals get a death sentence - not the severity of the crime. Our legal systems do not live up to the principle carved into the face of the US Supreme Court building - "Equal Justice Under Law." The death penalty is just another failed government program. That is why we must #StopThe1500th!

There have been 1,498 executions in the United States since 1977. Executions are often postponed and others may be scheduled. The 1500th execution is a moving target which (as of 5/23/19) is set on July 31st in Texas. We are tracking this at #StopThe1500th!

America's 1500th execution in the modern era will be a tragic milestone. Death Penalty Action, the Abolitionist Action Committee, and many allies are organizing symbolic protests at the site of the 1500th execution. For those who cannot be there in-person, we offer this petition and other opportunities for action and support at #StopThe1500th!

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TO: Governor [To Be Determined]

We call on you to halt the upcoming execution of [Name], who is scheduled to be executed in [State] on [Date] in response to his murder(s) of [Name of victim(s)]. If you allow this execution to go forward, your state bears the distinction of carrying out the 1500th execution since executions resumed in 1977. We can better serve murder victim family members while safely holding dangerous individuals accountable without executions. Please do everything in your power to stop this execution and end capital punishment in your state. Thank you.