Free Omar Askia Ali!

Free Omar Askia Ali!

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Demand Freedom for Omar Askia Ali

Father and life-long activist Omar Askia Ali (born Edward Sistrunk), has just published a memoir titled The Truth and Nothing but the Truth. Wrongfully incarcerated for close to 50 years for a crime he did not commit, Omar, his family, and friends are reaching out for support to advocate on behalf of his release.

  • At the time of his arrest, Omar was actively working with the Nation of Islam (NOI) to improve conditions in his neighborhood and remove drugs from the area, which was seen as a threat to the corrupt officials involved in his case and the cops who were stealing drugs from local residents. He was also a successful small business owner and celebrated member of the community, which further made him a target of systemic racism.
  • Omar was twice convicted by all-white juries, the Assistant District Attorney illegally rigged the jury and denied Omar his civil right to appear before a jury of his peers. Additionally, the officer who chose the lineup and testified against Omar was later convicted of drug charges. Omar’s legal team was told that probable cause from a photo was the reason Omar was picked up and questioned.
  • Later, more evidence revealed this was a lie and the reason he was accused was because of an informant, who Omar’s attorney never got to cross-examine to determine his credibility. Documentation from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request confirms this fact.

During his incarceration, Omar has founded the Boxing Association of America (BAA), received the Presidential Seal of Approval from President Ronald Regan, created a Biodynamic Gardening Program, and led a successful campaign to establish a public bus route to the Graterford Prison enabling family and friends to visit their loved ones.

It is critical that Omar's story is not only heard but that he receives the necessary support to win a pardon and finally return him to his family. Omar’s attorney is communicating with the Philadelphia DA Conviction Integrity Unit and bringing his case before the PA Supreme Court. The NY Innocence Project is also currently reviewing Omar’s conviction and the Philly Black Radical Collective has called for his release.

We are asking you to spread the word about his book throughout your network and take any other possible action to support his release, including the following:  

1. To order Omar’s book, email his wife Karen Ali at

2. Contribute to his GoFundMe page.

3. Please also tune in to Prison Radio to hear Omar’s perspectives on the criminal justice system.

Thank you for your support.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!