Demand Governor Whitmer settle the Right to Literacy lawsuit today!

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The Right to Literacy Lawsuit won a major battle when a Federal Appeals Court sided with DPS students in their case against the State of Michigan. Since then, 482Forward, in partnership with other community organizations around Detroit, has been working around the clock to pressure Governor Gretchen Whitmer to settle the case and to ensure that DPS students receive the constitutional right to literacy they deserve and equitable funding to schools that desperately need the resources.

However, Governor Whitmer and her team have not indicated publicly that they're going to settle the lawsuit. Additionally, the Governor promised students and families multiple times that she would stand up for Detroit students' right to literacy.

Her inaction on this issue is unacceptable, and her silence is a clear stance on the side of injustice.

Sign this petition today to demand that Big Gretch stand up for students in the same way she stands up for safety for all Michiganders.