We want Hindu Hostel back again

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Hono'ble Chancellor
Presidency University
86/1, College Street, Kolkata- 700073
West Bengal, India.
[Sub: Return the Eden Hindu Hostel of Presidency University]
With due respect we the students of Presidency University are to state that Eden Hindu Hostel i.e. the boys hostel of Presidency University is closed from last 2.5 years in the name of renovation. From the last 1.5 years boarders of the hostels are living in some apartments in Tarulia, a remote area near Rajarhat of North 24 Pargana district which is far away from the university premises. A lot of time is going for the traveling towards the campus and returning from the campus. Also the atmosphere of that area is not good for living. There is no any good communication system upto 2.5 kilometers of the area other than the buses of university. Even after 9pm no one can see a single number of people there. Before the transfer form Eden Hindu Hostel to Tarulia Jhilpar, the administration of our university assured us to finish the renovation work and return our hostel within 11 months. But after 2.5 years neither the Eden Hindu Hostel is returned, nor is the renovation work complete. We want interference to complete the renovation work and get our hostel back again.
We were noticed about the renovation of the Eden Hindu Hostel on the 1st week of July 2015. We were given the time between 19/06/2015 to 31/06/2015 to vacate the hostel and shift to the apartments of Tarulia. From 1st August of 2015 the Eden Hindu Hostel is locked. Though the renovation work was started at least 6 month after the transfer of the hostel. 
After closing the Eden Hindu Hostel and transfer the borders to the apartments of Tarulia there 3 times new academic sessions were started but the newly admitted students were given the hostel in one academic year only. A huge number of students of the university who came from outside of Kolkata or West Bengal who can’t bear the amount of house rent in Kolkata are facing problem to study in their dream university. In fact, from last 3 academic years many students are leaving the university even after get admitted with very good rank for the hostel problem. Also the current borders are facing problems for postpone of the hostel administration. Every year some boarders are leaving the hostel after complete their education and the number of the boarders are going low. So the monthly cost is rising too as our billing system is ‘Total monthly cost/Total number of boarders’. We have talked to the university administration many time but they (the administrative power-holders) didn’t take any action. 
The renovation work of Eden Hindu Hostel is still not finished and the current borders are facing huge problem in the apartments of Tarulia. Even the number of the apartments are reduced to only two from the academic session of 2017-18. Because of the time of going to and returning from the university is taking very long the impact is affecting the study of the university. The dream of studying in 200 year old Presidency University is becoming nightmare because of the hostel problem.
Therefore, we request you to take some action as the Hono'ble Governor of the state and as well as the Hono'ble Chancellor of Presidency University to get back the hostel as soon as possible. 
Thanking you
Dated: 19/01/2018

Your’s faithfully
Ritam Das,
Student, UG-3,
Department of Philosophy,
Presidency University.                                                                                                 

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