Tell Governor Walz, to give Medical FREEDOM to physicians to choose Hydroxychloroquine.

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Dear Governor Walz,

As a result of the Executive Order that you signed, Minnesota residents who have Covid 19 symptoms cannot get Hydroxychloroquine until they are hospitalized and show positive Covid 19 test results. However, studies have shown that although this medication is 90% effective when prescribed at the first onset of symptoms, it does not work as well if one requires hospitalization or is given too high of a dosage. Please also note that it has been shown effective also as a preventative medication at one tab per 2 week period according to Dr. Emmanuel of Texas who has successfully treated over 350 covid patients, all who have lived after being prescribed Hydroxychloroquine.

Many physicians in other states have prescribed HCQ to treat their Covid-19 patients, but in Minnesota, physicians have been prohibited from prescribing HCQ as an outpatient treatment, before hospitalization is required.

Hydroxychloroquine has been proven to be safe under a doctor‘s care. Tens of millions of patients have taken it for years. HCQ is saving thousands of lives around the country and in other countries and it’s been so safe many countries sell it over the counter. Many doctors are so convinced of its efficacy they are taking it personally when they get Covid-19, yet our doctors cannot prescribe it for us because they are not allowed to prescribe it for outpatient treatment. Hydroxychloroquine has been a safe treatment option for over 60 years. 

People are dying in hospitals rapidly once intubated (JUST UNDER 20% SURVIVE ONCE ON A VENTILATOR). We can save people before that stage. Please allow Minnesota’s doctors to prescribe Hydroxychoroquine to their patients who have symptoms and presumptively test positive BEFORE they require hospitalization.

Hydroxychoroquine is FDA approved and has been used for decades, over 60 years. Our doctors need the freedom to prescribe it when they believe it would be medically necessary, helpful, and to prevent further hospitalizations and deaths. 

Please allow physicians and pharmacists to prescribe and dispense HydroxyChloroquine for outpatient treatment to help save Minnesota lives.

Thank you.

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