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$15 & a Union for Foxconn

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Governor Walker proposed a $3 billion subsidy package to Foxconn for a plant in southeast Wisconsin that he says would employ 13,000 workers.

We call on State legislators to adopt real and enforceable standards in this deal to ensure good union jobs throughout the Foxconn project, including direct employment of Foxconn as well as suppliers and contractors.  

At a time when our state suffers from stagnant wages, declining living standards, and an eroding middle class, politicians must ensure that any deal prioritizes working people.    

Right now, this deal is more of the same old Walker: taxpayer giveaways that result in low-wage employment while corporations take home massive profits.  Walker has no credibility when he offers vague assertions and unfounded promises about thousands of jobs paying "average wages" of $53,000 per year.  

Without standards in the deal, we know what will happen: more of the same low-wage Walker jobs while corporate interests do great and taxpayers foot the bill.  We need real standards in the deal, including a $15 wage floor and the right to organize a union for workers at Foxconn, its suppliers, and its contractors.  

When the Milwaukee Bucks owners looked for public investment in a new arena and surrounding development, they agreed to $15 and a union, with a written contract.  If it's good enough for the Bucks, it's good enough for Foxconn.

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