Release Rehabilitated "Old Law" Prisoners

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Wisconsin’s prisons are overcrowded, poorly managed, and conditions for all inside are unsafe and inhumane. There is little or no treatment for the mentally ill, programming has been cut and conditions worsen daily.

One of many things that can be done right now to safely and quickly reduce the prison population is releasing people sentenced under the old law.

In 2000 Truth In Sentencing (TIS) replaced the old parole based system. This poorly crafted law created a trap where the parole commission continues reviewing those sentenced under the old law, but holds them to an absurd standard. Many have completed all possible programs, have strong family and community support, and have grown old enough to be unlikely to repeat impulsive and dangerous behavior. All have served the portion of their time that sentencing judges intended, but the commission goes on denying them release, without just reason.

Forum For Understanding Prisons (FFUP) has developed guidelines for the parole commission in collaboration with people currently incarcerated under the old law. Following these guidelines and including the needs identified by those suffering the injustice directly is essential to bringing change to Wisconsin's system.

Governor Evers, and Parole Commissioner Tate, please adopt these guidelines today.

Here's a blog of info about these old law parole cases:

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