Reject Wisconsin's Proposed Vape Tax of 71%

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Our Wisconsin Governor, Tony Evers, is proposing a 71% tax on all vapor products based on the manufacturer's list price in Wisconsin as well as a 71% asset tax for businesses that sell or distribute vapor products.

The vapor industry in Wisconsin is mainly small business owners with counts averaging between 3-30 employees. This tax rate would not only force those small business to close, it will put hundreds of employees out of work. People who have spent years supporting their community as well as putting their families livelihood in jeopardy. It will drive consumers to purchase out of state, sending more potential revenue out of Wisconsin. It will also give big tobacco more money as people switch back to cigarettes due to the higher cost of vaping related items (if they're available at all).

We reject this 71% tax that has no real benefits, as the tax money they are expected to receive from this will be non-existent as it would drive nearly all vape businesses in Wisconsin to close.

Public Health England has published an in-depth study finding vaping to be 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes. We need to show we understand technology and science and can use these advancements to improve the life of all adults who are currently slowly killing themselves with cigarettes.

We as a community need to make it known that this will not help Wisconsin, it will only drive people back to smoking deadly cigarettes. It will not grow our economy or the health of the communities around us.

Please sign this petition to reject this insanely high tax proposal and keep vaping alive for all adults in Wisconsin!