Help stop balloon releases in Wisconsin!

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My name is Elliott and I am 10 yrs old. I live in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. I am passionate about the environment and animals! I want to keep Wisconsin clean and healthy! I have noticed there are so many ways we can improve but I want to focus on one area...stopping unnecessary balloon releases. 

Many people in Wisconsin assume that since we are not close to the ocean that balloons pose no risk to water or animals. That is not true!!!! Balloons travel a long way and are eaten by all animals including cows, horses, turtles, and birds! 

Another problem is that people believe biodegradable balloons are ok. This is also not true! Biodegradable balloons are filled with chemicals and take YEARS to break down. These chemicals get into our soil and waters! Animals also eat these balloons and die. 

I am asking you to support my petition to request Governor Evers to sign a bill into law making all balloon releases illegal in the state of Wisconsin. I am asking for several exceptions;

1. A person who accidental releases of fewer than 5 balloons 

2. A person who operates a hot air balloon that is recovered after launch

3. Balloons that are used for scientific or meteorological projects or by or on behalf of a government-sponsored project 

4. Balloons that are released indoors and recovered after release

I am asking that offenders receive a fine and community service to pick up litter. 

Thank you for your support!

Elliott Estenson