Allowing Religious Organizations to Serve Again

Allowing Religious Organizations to Serve Again

April 24, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jason Brenenstuhl

On Monday, April 20, Governor Tony Evers released the Badger Bounce Back Plan. The Governor and his advisors are under a lot of strain at this time, so credit should be given for the time and effort it took to produce this plan.

Under the current plan, religious organizations are restricted to no more than 10 participants until Phase II is reached.

  • Understanding that during normal operations, religious organizations...
    • meet each week to remind people to respect one another and contribute to the betterment of society.
    • promote the rule of law, compliance to ordinances, and respect for authority.
    • offer counseling to the depressed, discouraged, and disenfranchised.
    • open their facilities up to the homeless, the substance abuser, and the civic organizations.
    • provide these services at no charge to the government by historically relying on the voluntary contributions of volunteers.
  • Understanding that during the Covid19 Pandemic, religious organizations have...
    • been greatly affected by the restrictions placed upon them.
    • completely changed their way of ministering, affecting every aspect of their outreach.
    • encountered extreme difficulty in raising the funds necessary to continue the work (the largest portion of funds come from attendees of a service).
    • complied with the current guidelines largely without complaint or criticism.

Religious organizations propose that...

  • along with the PHYSICAL WELL-BEING of our society, the government consider the SPIRITUAL and EMOTIONAL well-being of our society.
  • a task-force of religious advisors be formed to give input to the government at all levels (state, county, city) regarding the impact of the current data and to help formulate policies.
  • be allowed to meet (with best practices, up to 50 per room) in Phase I.
  • be given the same consideration as the restaurants, K-12 program, and the Day Cares – all of which will be opened according to the Badger Bounce Back Plan (with best practices) during Phase I.
    • Religious organizations do not share the same challenges as these other entities in regards to sanitation and proper social distancing.  The gatherings are less frequent – a few days a week, rather than each day, and can be spread apart with gaps of time between each for proper sanitation.
  • religious leaders be afforded the opportunity to render comfort and tend to the spiritual needs of those in hospital or care facilities (patients as well as care givers).
    • Chaplains have long been part of the military and law enforcement.  They have accepted the hazards and gone through any training needed to prepare them for this experience.  This situation is no different.  Care workers and their patients need the emotional and spiritual support from their religious advisors. 

With this move to Phase I, Religious organization would provide for  . . .

  • maintaining proper social distancing in the facilities during services.
  • proper cleaning between services.
  • encouraging vulnerable individuals to stay home, and continuing to minister to them through other means (internet, phone call, etc.).

Respectfully Submitted,

Religious Organizations of Wisconsin

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Signatures: 1,572Next Goal: 2,500
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