Dog grooming

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As a dog groomer in Pa during this pandemic we are not allowed to be grooming.

Meanwhile Ice cream stands, beer stores, liquor stores are all counted as essential businesses. 

Dog grooming isn't just for making the dog look pretty.  It is a health must for most dogs. Hair that gets matted hurts the dog. Hair growing into the eyes of the dog can cause eye infections. Nails not being trimmed can grow into the pads of the dog creating infections. These are a few things that lead to more serious health concerns for dogs. 

I understand the  seriousness of this virus. But we have made changes to keep our groomers & customers safe during this time .But we still are considered non essential.

Most grooming shops are privately owned small businesses. Some work on commission, some are self employed. Most of us have not received any unemployment  or money of any kind.

If other small businesses can be open with the proper changes that abide to the guidelines of the health department, then we should be able to be open as well.

I have contacted our Governor with no response. 

Why cant the local health dept. come and inspect us to determine us to be abiding to the rules?