1st degree murder charge for Derek Chauvin and manslaughter for the other 3 cops present

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This petition is for the victim George Floyd as today we learned that Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.  As a citizen who saw the video; I am floored, and feel his charge does not encompass the crime.  George Floyd was laying on the ground for a total of 9 minutes; he also laid there unresponsive for 3 minutes of that time as officer Derek Chauvin continued to lay his full body weight on his neck with his knee.  Personally it appears that his neck appeared broken as he was not able to move.   

There are three conditions that warrant 1st Degree Murder:
First degree murderers must have the specific intent to end a human life; as you can see officer Derek Chauvin did just that.  In the video he laid on George Floyd neck for a total of 9 minutes.  It shows that he continued even after the man was unresponsive. Deliberate and Premeditation is the second and third requirement.  As you can see in the video George was taken out of the police car already handcuffed and took him out of the car and put him on the ground...to me that shows that the officer had enough time to form the conscious intent to kill.  The officer had a total of 9 minutes to change his mind on what he was doing.  9 minutes for the other 3 cops to step in and stop it. Floyd even said towards the end to officer Chauvin that he was about to die and officer Chauvin continued to stay on his neck despite Floyd saying that.  That shows intent to kill.  They also did not to try resuscitate him when he was unresponsive showing no regard for his life.  I believe the other 3 policeman all need to be charged with no less than 3rd degree murder for being involved and not stepping in to stop it.  Lastly, the point i want to drive home is that officer Derek Chauvin showed malice which includes an evil disposition or purpose and an indifference to human life.  You can see on his face in the video that he had a emotionless and flat affect; that curled my stomach.  As a professional licensed counselor in the mental health field it appears officer Chauvin exhibits Antisocial behaviors and needs the extensive punishment of the death penalty. This is the worst police brutality I’ve ever seen on a video.  George Floyd’s family deserves justice and should see this officer charged with 1st degree murder and the other 3 policeman involved with 3rd degree murder. All 4 officers need to be arrested immediately.  I am requesting this petition for 1st degree murder with death penalty for Derek Chauvin and the 3 other police officers that sat and watched or participated be charged with no less than 3rd degree murder.  Give the family and George Floyd the proper justice even though that is not good enough; as he is no longer here because of their malice and intentional actions.