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Stop the Renaming of Jefferson Davis Highway

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I simply cannot sit back any longer and do or say nothing about what is happening in this country. Because of one person whom decided to commit a horrendous act of violence, flags are being removed and banned, statues are in jeopardy to be taken down, highways renamed and even the unspeakable act of moving the remains of Confederate Leaders. This is an outrage and totally unacceptable! People are going to give Dylann Roof exactly what he wanted which was to start a Civil War. We cannot allow people to continue to try to erase history, which will do nothing to deter racism or violence but instead will only promote it. People do not realize that if they allow these things such as the removal of the Confederate Flag, monuments, renaming highways etc. that before you know it there will be the complete banning of the American Flag, which is and has already been banned in too many places throughout America.

This is our history and heritage that cannot be erased, banned, or renamed for any reason. Do your research people because it is happening. The United States Constitution applies to ALL AMERICANS not just a chosen few groups in this country. This madness needs to stop. There is a petition circulating for the renaming of Jefferson Davis Highway due to its ties to the Confederacy, as well as, many other petitions to ban the Confederate Flag, renaming schools and anything else that references the Civil War. We need to take a stand and make our voices heard now to stop any and all attempts to erase American and/or Southern History or to take away the rights of "WE THE PEOPLE"! Please sign and SHARE in hopes that we will make a difference.

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