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Commute Tracy Hardin's Sentence

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Tracy Hardin was convicted of first-degree murder and willful injury in 1995, she received a sentence of life without parole. In Iowa, where Tracy was sentenced, she will never be eligible for parole unless her sentence is commuted to a number of years. Tracy Hardin takes full responsibility for her actions, which injured her ex-husband Robert Hardin and resulted in the death of Amy Wilson. However, Tracy’s life sentence does not consider mitigating factors that impacted her crime. Tracy suffered years of abuse throughout her marriage; physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional. In the days leading up to Tracy's crime, Tracy attempted to seek help from five separate agencies. Tracy even tried to commit herself into psychiatric care. In the 15+ years that Tracy has been incarcerated she has become a stronger and healthier woman. Tracy is working towards her Associates Degree and serves as a mentor to other inmates in the prison. Tracy has had an incredible positive impact on the inmates that come into the prison, encouraging them to turn their lives around and pursue their education so that they do not come back. Commuting Tracy's sentence does not mean Tracy will not be punished for her crime; she lives every day with deep remorse. Commuting Tracy's sentence will only mean that someday she has a chance at a life outside prison, where she can make a positive impact on the larger community, not just the incarcerated community.

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