“Governor Martinez fire Keith Gardner for abusing a young female lobbyist.”

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In these rapidly changing times when powerful men who physically abuse young women simply trying to do their jobs are being held to account, Keith Gardner, the second most powerful person in your administration, has never faced repercussions for his assault and battery on Carrie Menapace. Attacks that were witnessed by credible witnesses. Carrie Menapace had the courage to come forward, and notified you, but you chose to enable the physically imposing Gardner’s abusive conduct instead. She wrote to you, “This last physical assault was the culmination of a series of escalating threatening encounters by Mr. Gardner over my work as a policy analyst and legislative liaison for Albuquerque Public Schools...Mr. Gardner walked past me. He saw me and then turned back around to come up to me. My back was facing him at the time. Mr. Gardner grabbed my arm to turn me around. While painfully holding my arm and in an extremely threatening manner, he yelled that Winston should "be aware that the bowels of hell were about to open up upon him unless he stopped opposing the Governor's bills." Governor Martinez, his abusive conduct disqualifies him from being your chief of staff. Fire him now. You are either part of the problem, or part of the solution. 

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