New Hampshire needs a housing jubilee!

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New Hampshire is facing a COVID-19 housing catastrophe if the state doesn’t take action now. Sign our New Hampshire Housing Jubilee plan to make sure renters, homeowners, and small businesses get the protection they deserve while treating landlords fairly.

Extend a statewide moratorium on evictions and foreclosures for at least 120 days post the state of emergency for both residential and commercial renters.

This will prevent a tsunami of homelessness in the post pandemic months.  

Halt rent increases, and ban interest and late fees on rent during the state of emergency.

No landlord or property manager should require tenants to pay more in rent than they are currently obligated to pay as long as the COVID-19 pandemic exists.

We heard of  one landlord who is demanding a $400 per month increase from all tenants!  HB 1247 would ensure that tenants are notified well ahead of time before dramatic rent increases could take effect. 

Allocate adequate funds to provide assistance to all landlords and  renters living in New Hampshire who have lost income during the crisis to pay overdue rent. Support our state's responsible landlords while protecting those unemployed, regardless of their immigration status,  as a result of the pandemic.

 Call on Governor Sununu to  Declare a  NH Housing Jubilee Today!