Grant Michael Gaines a commutation

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Michael Gaines was just 18 years old when his entire life changed for the worst. He was charged and convicted of murder, which he did not commit.

In May of 2003 the night of the incident Michael had been hanging out with some friends. Not knowing that they had made plans to rob someone that they had a personal vendetta against. They had solicited help to commit this crime all week but no one was willing to assist them; so they took matters into their own hands and that's when they decided to involuntarily drug Mr. Gaines and took him to the home they were going to rob. They took advantage of his impaired state of mind and asked him to knock on the door so they could get access to the apartment to commit the crime.

He didnt play a part in the crime, he was taken advantage of by his co defendants. The 2 masterminds that took the time to plan the crime and execute the crime became the state's key eye witnesses and were able to put a coerced story together so they could frame Michael for the murder. For that they were given a 20 year sentence in exchange. Mr. Gaines was bullied by investigators to say that he committed the murder (which he NEVER admitted to), his mother was threatened that if he doesn't admit to the crime then he was getting the death penalty, they brought an ex death row inmate to his court date to threaten Mr. Gaines before seeing the judge all of which didnt change  his mind and he maintained his innocence.

Mr. Gaines had a public defender that didn't prepare a defense for him because his co defendants already had made a deal with the DA so he just needed him to plea to murder, which he wouldn't do because he knew he was innocent of the crime. Mr. Gaines had many of his constitutional rights violated, however he did not receive adequate legal representation which lead to him getting life without parole for a crime he didn't commit. The actual person that committed the murder was found days later with the murder weapon and is serving life without parole. Mr. Gaines is an actually and factually innocent man serving lwop for a murder he did not commit. Instead he didnt do what the DA and lawyers wanted him to do so for that he has to serve the rest of his life in prison. 

Mr. Gaines has received a recanted stated from a key material witness that explains the events of that night in which it proves his innocence. This is why we are asking that you please support him. Please sign and share his petition so he can get a fair chance to tell his story. He deserves a new evidentiary hearing,a sentencing commutation or time served and sent home.  Let's help an innocent man come home to his family.


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