Release U.S. Political Prisoner Ron Glick!

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    Governor Bullock, President Trump:

    Do not allow your legacy to stand as supporting imprisoning American citizens for their political ideas, regardless what label you mask their detention under.

    In 2003, Ron Glick uncovered sexual and physical assaults against minors by the Kalispell Police Department in Montana through his work running a youth recreations program he had operated for seven years. When he urged the youth to speak out against the abuse, he was targeted with harassment and intimidation by both City and Flathead County officials. When he brought suit for these threats, he had his step-daughters abducted and his freedom stripped from him under a falsely manufactured sexual assault charge.  In spite of volumes of records proving that his conviction was acquired through felonious activity to cover up the official misconduct of city and county officials, Ron Glick has remained a political prisoner in his own country since 2004.  

    The State of Montana is complicit in covering this all up, since corruption is largely a standard in Montana government.  Three different attorney generals have presided over defending the actions of the state, with the first - Mike McGrath - being elevated to head justice of the Montana Supreme Court, effecting a control over that court that continues to deprive Ron of his constitutional right of due process.  A second, Steve Bullock, is presently governor of the state, and has kept Ron's application for clemency in limbo for the better part of a year now.

    Ron has been very outspoken about his status as a prisoner of conscience, maintaining a blog ( and even published a book (U.S. Political Prisoner Since 2004) chronicling the path by which he became a prisoner of conscience.  His assets have been stolen, the courts actively obstruct his claims to them, and he is detained under the most draconian conditions the state can manage - under conditions no other detainee is held under.  All because - after twelve years - Ron has refused to confess to a crime he did not commit and thereby exonerate the real criminals operating under pretense of government.

    And since May, 2016, the very people named in that book are pushing to return Ron to prison for another fifteen years - specifically for content published within that very book!

    In October, 2015, Montana's legislature granted the power of clemency to its governor.  Governor Steve Bullock has had a pending petition for Ron Glick's clemency on his desk since January, 2016 - yet he refuses to act on it, even in the face of county officials seeking to return him to prison to silence his voice.  Governor Bullock needs to use his executive power to free this man held for no other reason than speaking out against the real criminals operating without consequence from behind the shelter of their elite government positions.

    Please do the right thing: free Ron Glick (#FreeRon).

    After twelve years, hasn't he suffered enough for his political beliefs?

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