Reopen Nevada Tattoo Studios Now

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The tattoo and piercing industry is in dire need of support to show our local Governor that we are capable of opening NOW and maintaining safe and sterile environments for ourselves and our clients. Our voices need to be heard! 

We are an industry of professionals who's very core is deep seated in the fundamental practices of preventing Cross Contamination, using Aseptic Technique, and applying Universal Precautions while we service our clients. We are absolutely capable of maintaining these same standards along with adding new measures to keep ourselves and our clients safe during this time.

We've stayed home for Nevada and our business and personal lives are now in dire straits with almost 2 months of being denied the right to earn a living. We have families to support just like all Nevadan's. We feel with added precautions we can very easily provide services to our clients who are just as eager for our studios to reopen. Measures like wearing face coverings and one client at a time along with changing our consent forms to ask Covid specific question and temperature checking staff and clients upon entering our studios are easy steps to take. We believe in this time of social distancing we are capable of providing a safe environment and remaining open. We need to be able to get back to work. We aren't like other non-essential businesses. Our very Regulations that govern Body Arts, especially here in Las Vegas, ensure that our local artists and piercers are adhering to strict guidelines that you simply do not see in other businesses. Our industry is unique because of the standards we follow and we would ask that you give us special exception and allow us to reopen now instead of weeks from now or in the next coming "phases" of reopening. 

We're scared for our future and our voices need to be heard. There is still no funding support for self-employed business owners or independent contractors. Business bills and fees are mounting along with personal bills and we simply cannot meet the needs of our families without being able to get back to work. Rent will eventually be due and we've had no way to gather rents for our shops or homes. We support the reopening of professional tattoo and piercing studios NOW. 

Let Governor Sisolak know you stand with your local artists and piercers and call for the reopening of our studios because you also feel we can provide the same safe environments that any medical office is currently providing to it's clients. Our economy depends on the abilities of our small businesses to safely get back to work and we are small businesses who absolutely can answer that call. We are ready NOW.  Reopen tattoo studios in Nevada!