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Reduce the minimum time served sentencing in Go back to 65% from 85%

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The prisons system is already under staffed and over filled. Reduce the min. time served back to at least 65% from the clogging the system 85%. Base it on those inmates who do not cause problems, who attend classes for self improvement, who go to their jobs and earn their gain time and just want to get home to their families. Not everyone in the system should be held to the 85% min standard it's proven to only clog the system that already lacks the staff to over see it properly. It's an expense on the state to require them to spend 85% of any sentence in prison and has been proven NOT to be rehabilitating by doing so...when they return to society after such a lengthy time they do not adjust well or know how things are due to be kept in the dark away from constant change and growth on the outside.  Life sentences are what they are but there are truly inmates who do not belong in prison for the 85% and who are never an issue in the prison and it should be considered based on their behavior and proper assessments to support their the behavior they show. My husband was pushed into pleasing guilty by a very crooked public defender who told me he "only pushes them to plea to make his money fast and his time dealing with them short, easy money" and our family didn't have the $50k to retain a decent lawyer who cared to help us so he's locked up for 25 years with the required 85% to be served hanging over his head. He goes to work out in the sun every time he is told to do so, never causes an issue,  attends every class the facility offers, is not involved in any gang related stuff and just wants to return home safely to me and our kids,  he truly is one who has shown he should not be held up in the over crowded system for 85%!! It's just not truly fair to hold it to people who were pushed into a plea and have already proven they should not be held at the same requirements as one who shows otherwise. Please reconsider and re-evaluate the required min time served of 85% and reduce it back to 65% (at least) and base it on inmate behavior, participation and psychological evaluation by chaplains and psychological services. Thank you.

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