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Governor Schwarzenegger: Stop the killings of pit-bulls in LA City and County Shelters - let all Shelters go No Kill

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The following excerpt from a table of statistics of LA city shelters ( from the link ( ) shows a very disturbing truth... that the entire pit-bull intakes were killed at the LA Shelters on all the years from Jul 2009 to  Jun 2012... regardless of the state of health, gender, age, personality of the pit-bulls... some were puppies,some young mothers, several young males, many sweet and friendly, many fearful and sad, some were to be rescued... but every single one was killed... a total wipe out...

Los Angeles City Shelters: East Valley,West Valley,West L.A. North Central, South L.A. and Harbor.

Total intakes:Dogs/Cats for Los Angeles City Animal Shelters
Jul.2011-Jun.2012: Total intakes:Dogs/Cats - 57,285 / Intakes:Pitbulls - 7,228 = 64,513
Jul.2010-Jun.2011: Total intakes:Dogs/Cats - 56,753 / Intakes:Pitbulls - 6,986 = 63,742
Jul.2009-Jun.2010: Total intakes:Dogs/Cats - 53,602 / Intakes:Pitbulls - 6,777 = 60,379

Total KILLED :Dogs/Cats for Los Angeles City Animal Shelters
Jul.2011-Jun.2012: KILLED :Dogs/Cats - 21,619
Jul.2010-Jun.2011: KILLED :Dogs/Cats - 21,784
Jul.2009-Jun.2010: KILLED :Dogs/Cats - 19,460

Total KILLED : PITBULLS for Los Angeles City Animal Shelters
Jul.2011-Jun.2012: KILLED:Pitbulls - 7,228
Jul.2010-Jun.2011: KILLED:Pitbulls - 6,986
Jul.2009-Jun.2010: KILLED:Pitbulls - 6,777


This is utterly cruel , a heartless crime against life itself...

Temperament evaluations by the American Temperament Test Society give American Pit Bull Terriers a very high passing rate of 82.6%, while the average passing rate for the other 121 dog breeds tested was only 77%. No spayed/neutered, indoor pit bull has ever killed a person.

They're just regular dogs...

Pit bulls are known to be fun-loving, energetic, and social, they all have unique personalities and should be judged as individuals...just like it is done in any other breed..

According to studies by the CDC, a person is more likely to be killed…

- by a family member
- by a falling coconut
- in a bedroom slipper-related accident
- choking on a marble
- drowning in a 5-gallon bucket
- getting struck by lightning

…than by a pit bull.

Pit-bull advocates and supporters have been crying themselves hoarse, informing the public of relevant facts such as this, about  this wonderful breed of dogs... but  media-hype, bias, erroneous reporting and repeated telecast of  single incidents showing the pit-bull in poor light has fed the public, a constant inflow of negativity, creating unjustified fear and hatred for the pit-bull...positive changes for pit-bulls, though happening, has to be  quicker to prevent more deaths, of these fine animals, in California animal shelters...

We petition Governor Schwarznegger to look into this terrible situation and please help in the following aspects:

Let LA City, County and all Shelters in California go No Kill because the modern enlightened public wants that to happen...Edward Duvin was a man from California, who was one of the first advocates of No Kill, with his essay "In the Name of Mercy" in 1989...A panel for looking into the crisis may be formed with Mr Duvin,along with Nathan Winograd, Rich Avanzino and Dr Ellen Jefferson ( all well known No Kill advocates ) for advice and help in tackling this situation ???

Fire all present Shelter Directors and staff at the high kill these seem to be people with no humane approach to animal issues and no life-saving attitude..they seem biased, inert and happy to just maintain the status quo...and as there seems to be no accountability and no target to reach (like a 95% save rate) for the Shelter Directors and staff, the killings go on as usual...

Hire No Kill Shelter Directors with excellent track records and kind, caring pro-animal staff...

Please look closely into all LA county shelters ( other county shelters too ) and take note of the situation there.. there are a lot of bad stories in the net about Carson, Lancaster, Stockton and Devore animal Shelters...

Good press for the oppressed pit-bull is absolutely the key.. may be some top celebrities, sportsmen etc., could take a couple of photographs and make a small video with a pit-bull, and that can be shown on the television as a social awareness commercial, periodically??? This could start people thinking positively about the pit-bulls.. and hostility would start to come down in the public mind...
Please let this happen ASAP and benefit the shelter animals..particularly the pit-bulls, who are living with the sentence of certain death hanging over their heads in Californian Animal Shelters..

Let the Pit-bulls, who were America's dog for their loyalty and bravery, become the darlings of America once again... let them, along with all other shelter animals, find the acceptance, love and happy homes they so richly deserve...

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